The surge in digital, mobile and social commerce is transforming the marketing industry. The key question is now: how can marketers create personalized, authentic experiences that break through the noise and drive participation?

Download Wayin's Brand Marketers' Guide to learn digital marketing strategies for overcoming top challenges such as:

  • How can I better understand and connect with my audience?
  • What type of digital experience will drive participation?
  • What would make my media stand out?
  • Can I blend online and offline tactics to have greater impact?

The 2015 Wayin Real-Time Marketing Report, a first-of-its-kind research study, aims to provide the marketing industry with a quantitative baseline for real-time marketing strategy, execution and trends as currently practiced by brands.

Real-time marketing occurs in the moment, but successful marketing teams plan ahead to leverage in-the-moment social activity.

Along with sharing the key findings from the study, this guide from Wayin, will show you how to:

  • Identify how social activity and current events connect to your brand
  • Align planned marketing campaigns with real- time activation strategies
  • Ensure the necessary technology capabilities are in place for execution


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Download this guide to learn 12 innovative ways brand marketers are overcoming top digital marketing challenges.

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