Mobile moves fast. Within the next year, mobile is expected to claim more than half of the digital ad market. Those marketers who want to stay on top need to be knowledgeable of all sides of the ecosystem, have a reliable tracking solution they understand how to use, and be flexible when optimizing their campaigns.

But, trying to keep up with the latest trends can hinder questioning the big picture. With a changing landscape and the development of new technology, there is opportunity to redirect the current model.

This white paper from TUNE shows how change can lead to benefit everyone in mobile marketing—publishers, networks, and advertisers.

Running an ad network is no easy feat

But imagine you’re doing really well, and then you hear about another ad network blowing it out of the water. How do they do it? You seem to be doing everything you can, and similar things to them — how are they setting themselves apart?

In this white paper from TUNE, find out how successful ad networks are keeping their business alive, and lapping the competition. Learn from the industry’s top performers, and unlock secrets to how you can take your ad network to the next level.


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