Elevate Your B2B Marketing: A Guide to Intelligent ABM


When asked about their buying processes, 65% of respondents to an IDC research study agreed that “we usually engage a vendor sales professional only when we have made a purchase decision.”

Well, that complicates things. B2B marketing and sales teams are always searching for new ways to connect with customers. How can they work together to influence a buyer journey where the prospect is in the driver’s seat?

Download "Selling to the Information-Driven Business", an InfoBrief from IDC, to learn:

  • When, why, and through what channels a buyer engages during their self-defined journey
  • Obstacles buyers encounter when making “good” purchasing decisions during the research and decision phases of the buyer’s journey
  • How marketing and sales can influence the buyer’s journey from the very early stages of engagement

Learn how to make your marketing campaign execution more effective and efficient

Download this white paper to learn about the vital role marketing operations managers play in today’s organizations and the mission-critical technology they use for successful marketing campaign execution.


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