Citation consistency, or the presence of correct Name, Address, Phone + Website (NAP+W) everywhere the business is referenced across the web, is the foundation for local search engine optimization. It enables businesses to rank higher for their core search terms and leads to more customer traffic — both online and off.

In the early days of Local SEO, all citation building and cleanup was managed manually. It was incredibly time consuming. Today, new tools make the process of assessing the damage of citation inconsistency and estimating the timeline for corrections much faster.

This white paper from Moz shows you:

  • How to quickly perform a citation audit and the free tool that helps you do it.
  • How to identify the extent of your or your clients’ citation inconsistencies.
  • How to estimate the length of time it will take to achieve citation consistency.
  • Why citation cleanup is imperative to Local SEO efforts — and the risk of doing nothing.

Does your local marketing strategy have the foundation to capitalize on this shift in the consumer buying journey? It should.

In this white paper from Moz Local, you will learn:

  • The foundational steps to reaching the on-the-go customer
  • The importance of location management in a mobile world
  • Key elements of the local search ecosystem & why you should care
  • Quick tips for local marketing success across channels.


logoMoz Local is an online location data management platform that helps businesses drive more traffic online and off by establishing accurate location information on the directories, sites and apps that factor most into local search results.