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You know that digital and social are the future of customer service. The question is: how do you get there?

Your business needs to see undeniable value to invest in the resources needed to design, build out and operate a fully functional, high-impact social customer service team. Saddling existing agents with expanded duties has been a Band-Aid solution.

But now volumes are rising, and you’re at the point where a full-fledged social customer service team just makes sense. It’s imperative to supporting exceptional customer service, and to your success.

What do you need to know, and do, to create a truly sophisticated social customer service team?

In this white paper from Lithium, you learn:

  • How to sell the idea of a focused social customer service team to internal stakeholders
  • How to build that team
  • The key metrics and operational aspects involved
  • Customer implications
  • Revenue impact to the business
  • ...and more

Learn how to make your marketing campaign execution more effective and efficient

Download this white paper to learn about the vital role marketing operations managers play in today’s organizations and the mission-critical technology they use for successful marketing campaign execution.


logoLithium for Social Media Management: Lithium brings Marketing and Customer Service together with an intelligent design to rally around a better customer experience. You no longer need to choose between standalone tools and manual steps, as teams can plan from the same Omnichannel Calendar, share data-rich customer profiles, and execute better together. Lithium uses data science to help Marketing, Customer Service, and other customer-facing teams collaboratively drive engagement, response times, and business results with a smart platform you will actually use.