Employee advocacy has emerged as a go-to strategy thanks to companies like Salesforce, Humana, Vodafone, IBM, and hundreds of others who are pioneering the way with successful programs. In fact, 90% of brands are now pursuing employee advocacy, a 2X increase from 2015. (Source: Altimeter)

Marketers know that employees are an incredibly valuable asset to a brand, and there is an opportunity to partner with them to drive awareness, reach, and tangible business outcomes for their company.

Training cannot be overlooked within employee advocacy. It is an essential step that will impact the launch and trajectory of your program. When executed properly, employees will be enthusiastic and confident about their involvement because they understand why it is important and how to play their part.

Follow the 5 steps in this white paper from Dynamic Signal to ensure your co-workers are properly armed with the background, knowledge, and tools to become advocates for your brand. Once they are fully trained and onboarded it then becomes your job to keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Your employees are your greatest asset. It makes perfect sense that companies would double down on their own talent, empowering them to be the voice of their brand.

In this eBook, Dynamic Signal explores the connection between content and employees. We provide tactical takeaways that will help you determine exactly how to distribute content to your employees so they will love sharing it with their personal audiences on social media..


logoDynamic Signal is the #1 employee advocacy and engagement platform. It keeps employees more informed, engaged, and allows them to easily share company-approved content to their social networks, transforming them into experts, advocates and contributors. By extending their internal communications and digital marketing strategies, Dynamic Signal’s clients benefit from increased brand awareness, employee engagement and revenue.