Beware these Traffic-Devouring Terrors!


Every day, monsters are stealing thousands of clicks from your brand. Prowling around your paid search campaigns and looting your traffic, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Only you can save your brand from these monsters. This eBook is your field guide to the monsters of paid search.

In this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • Why monsters are attacking your campaigns
  • What tactics they use
  • Signs that you’re under attack
  • How to fight back

Vital to driving mobile advertising success is the ability to leverage audience data across devices, then delivering a consistent experience to potential customers regardless of what device they’re using.

This paper will help you learn how to effectively identify your customers’ various devices, and then create campaigns for the mobile experience.

Download your copy of this informative guide to learn:

  • Understanding the role of mobile ad exchanges
  • How to leverage the popularity of mobile devices
  • 5 mobile advertising best practices, including: audience targeting, mobile creative optimization, and how to choose the right ad format


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