A Business Owner's Guide - The Power of Online Reviews

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Whatever you might think of them, the power of online reviews cannot be ignored. Whether you’re a small e-tailer, an online giant, or a global blue-chip - online reviews have an impact.

In this eGuide, we will demonstrate why your business too should consider collecting and profiting from online reviews in today's age of social proof.

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trustpilot logoTrustpilot is an online review-driven community and platform that builds relationships between consumers and businesses. Launched in 2007, it has seen rapid adoption and now provides over 80,000 ecommerce businesses with TrustScores based on more than seven million reviews. Trustpilot operates in 24 countries with offices in the US, UK and Denmark.

Trustpilot enables ecommerce businesses to engage with customers directly, inviting them to provide reviews of their online experience. This enables brands, in an increasingly crowded online world, to have a better dialogue with customers and channel feedback to improve business operations and customer satisfaction. www.trustpilot.com


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