The Authoritative Guide to Call Tracking and Local SEO

cover imageCall tracking and it’s impact on SEO is a hotly debated topic. Some say call tracking numbers will hurt SEO and others say this isn’t accurate.

This comprehensive, 30-page white paper from LogMyCalls summarizes the arguments from both sides, and gives you straight answers to the common questions. The white paper also provides actionable solutions so you can track critical call data, all the while staying on Google’s good side.

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logoLogMyCalls helps agencies, publishers, and advertisers evaluate the quality of their pay per call traffic by analyzing what is spoken on a call. LogMyCalls goes beyond standard call analytics to provide conversation analytics. Analyzed call content is then used to score leads, measure conversion, promote calls with marketing automation, and optimize return on advertising spend. As advertisers demand higher quality phone leads and agencies seek to supply that demand, LogMyCalls is the tool businesses need to measure call quality and know, simply, the good calls from the bad calls. For more information, visit

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