A significant amount of visual content is left unexplored by businesses willing to leverage social media to know their customers better. According to recent research, brands miss up to 80% mentions, if you don’t monitor visual content.

In this eBook, the YouScan’s team demonstrates how analyzing visual content can uncover important information about online audiences, inform marketing strategies and reveal collaboration opportunities.

Discover how visual analytics helps you to:

  • Find and refine your buyer persona
  • Beat the competition and expand into new communities
  • Discover real-life use cases and find inspiration for marketing campaigns
  • Discover what surrounds your brand in user-generated content
  • Get a realistic picture of your brand's online reach

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YouScan is an AI-powered social media intelligence platform with industry-leading image recognition capabilities. We help businesses analyze consumer opinions, discover actionable insights and manage brand reputation.  We serve more than 600+ brands and agencies, including Coca-Cola, Samsung, Michelin, Nestle, Ipsos and others. 

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