Marketers know how important it is to move at the speed of digital, but an overabundance of online tools can slow down efforts and leave teams unable to operate with agility or innovate quickly. From campaign planning to delivery, marketers need a robust tool for managing marketing activity.

A powerful work management platform centralizes all aspects of work into one place to increase productivity, collaboration, and performance, and it’s already transforming processes for thousands of marketing teams.

This eBook explores marketers’ needs in the current climate and the features you should be looking for when considering the right work solution for you.

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Wrike, the world’s most versatile collaborative work management solution, has transformed the way marketing teams work together. Bringing everyone into a single digital workspace makes it easy to monitor progress, identify dependencies, and keep collaboration and projects on track. With Wrike, marketers can increase agility and velocity by automating workflows to achieve aggressive growth goals. Create and launch complex, integrated campaigns at scale across multiple channels and geographies knowing you’re maintaining visual brand consistency and quality. Improve external and internal customer experience no matter how complex your campaigns are or how many marketing channels you’re operating. Wrike accelerates creative production, increases on-time delivery, and makes maintaining brand consistency easier.

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