Each day, your marketing team is hard at work—checking off social media tasks, building workflows, writing landing pages, creating reports—but it feels like progress toward reaching campaign goals is slow, with some projects stalling out completely.

Not only do marketing teams struggle to get a handle on their day-to-day tasks, but they increasingly look to marketing operations to transform the way they work—from team structures, to workflows, to the technology they use. The marketing operations teams that will shine are the ones able to advise and assist the CMO in strategically changing the nature of marketing work.

This white paper from Workfront keys in on three types of silos that keep marketers from seeing the big picture of their work, as well as steps you can take to free your teams and transform them into a connected, high-performing marketing department.

Vital to driving mobile advertising success is the ability to leverage audience data across devices, then delivering a consistent experience to potential customers regardless of what device they’re using.

This paper will help you learn how to effectively identify your customers’ various devices, and then create campaigns for the mobile experience.

Download your copy of this informative guide to learn:

  • Understanding the role of mobile ad exchanges
  • How to leverage the popularity of mobile devices
  • 5 mobile advertising best practices, including: audience targeting, mobile creative optimization, and how to choose the right ad format



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