Digital has made the customer journey more complex. With new metrics, platforms and tools, measuring that journey is even more difficult.

While digital channels continue to gain ground, the ambivalence isn’t gone. Many of you feel you don’t have the right tools to measure and compare the ROI of your ad campaigns across all the channels you use.

The detailed findings in this report offer a powerful view into the current state of the industry. We hope they’ll help you understand the dynamics at play and identify promising areas of development for you and your media partners.

Get your copy of The Age of Dissonance to learn:
  • Why marketers hold digital channels to a different standard than traditional channels
  • How perceptions influence digital spending
  • Why brands shrug off data quality issues
  • What obstacles are hindering OTT advertising adoption
  • Tactical recommendations to improve marketing effectiveness


Cut through the hype and learn the differences between key measurement approaches

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