5 Next-Level Strategies for QR App Marketing Success

QR codes have transformed the everyday consumer experience and are now at the forefront of app marketing. From print to in-store displays to television -- QR codes are everywhere. This paper will set you on a path to QR code success for any app in any category from Retail, to Travel to Finance and Healthcare and more. Learn how to instantly create QR codes designed to get more app installs, app re-engagement and new customer insights.

What's inside:
  • Learn how other companies are using QR codes strategically 
  • Find out why density, design and other variables impact the ability to scan
  • Learn how the same QR code can open your app or fallback to the right app store
  • Discover how to track scans separately from clicks and append tags for analytics
  • Learn how to create QR codes that open your brand's app or a third-party app
  • Learn about advanced QR settings including multi-lingual destinations in one QR

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