Every year, the Super Bowl makes history.

This year, Talkwalker looked at how brands are fighting for the inches that will get them closer to their customers before, during, and after the Big Game.

After analyzing billions of consumer data points, Talkwalker came up with a unique set of 40 insight collectible cards - identified through Talkwalker’s consumer intelligence platform - to reveal key findings that your brand can't afford to miss.

If you are wondering:
  • Which team owns social conversations
  • What are the most popular football fans drinks
  • Who are the players leading the NFL crypto revolution
  • What is the most anticipated half-time show performance
  • And many other questions…
Get the insights album today and uncover opportunities for your brand!

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Talkwalker is the #1 consumer intelligence company dedicated to helping brands get close to their consumers by transforming data into real-time insights guiding decision making. Recognized by Forrester as a Leader in Consumer Intelligence, Talkwalker brings together social analytics and AI, with unstructured data expertise, and a team of analysts. www.talkwalker.com

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