For every question you ask Google, you can get a completely different result page. For one query, you’ll see a video, while another could result in a featured snippet at the top of the page.

Similarweb analyzed around 12 trillion keywords, and found that the appearance of SERP features, like these, have grown by more than 15% since March 2021 in the U.S. alone. This is the highest growth effort they have ever seen.

How can you leverage SERP features to increase your visibility on search and reach more of your target audience? Well, you can start with this report.

This white paper covers:
  • Best practices to help you rank for key SERP features
  • Important factors that influence search behavior
  • Varying trends and growth rates of SERP features
  • Which SERP features are most prominent by industry
  • How branded and non-branded search impact SERP

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