In this free PDF, get 9 SEO A/B test ideas and learn which changes to deploy, avoid, and retest to drive organic growth for your site! Discover which SEO test idea had a positive, negative, or inconclusive test from 9 real SEO A/B tests in this white paper. 

Some of the topics covered:
  • Does shortening title tags enable Google to rewrite them better?
  • Can you target featured snippets by adding content?
  • Can adding third-party ratings to meta descriptions improve SEO performance?
  • Does seasonal messaging help or hurt SEO performance?
  • and more!

SearchPilot enables SEO teams to run more SEO A/B split tests with speed and control; reducing weeks of preparation for your team and saving precious engineering time. It is a self-serve platform that allows your team to increase the volume of SEO experiments that they run and make better decisions for greater return.

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