In this free PDF, you'll learn about eight SEO A/B tests that have produced positive results. These tests are based on real data from our customers and include a variety of test types from title tags to markups and on-page content placement.

For each test, you'll learn about:
  • The specific change that was made
  • The results of the test
  • What the results mean
Even though the PDF doesn't include instructions on how to set up and run an SEO A/B test, it does provide valuable information about the types of tests that you can run and the results that you can expect. By downloading the PDF, you'll be well on your way to improving your website's SEO and increasing your traffic.

Download The Guide

SearchPilot enables SEO teams to run more SEO A/B split tests with speed and control; reducing weeks of preparation for your team and saving precious engineering time. It is a self-serve platform that allows your team to increase the volume of SEO experiments that they run and make better decisions for greater return.

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