Team alignment is the secret to happy customers and shorter deal cycles.

Companies that deliver a great buying experience grow twice as fast as those that deliver average experiences, according to Gartner. That’s a huge opportunity for innovative organizations to capitalize on.

But if your revenue teams aren’t aligned, you may end up delivering an experience that’s staggered and disjointed. In fact, 40% of customers stopped doing business with a company because they received poor customer service, according to Statista in 2020.

This eBook, written in collaboration with Pavilion, draws on knowledge and insights from key marketing and sales leaders to help you identify the holes in your customer experience.

How to Deliver an Unforgettable Customer Experience will help you align your journey with customer needs, from first touch to offboarding.

In this guide, you’ll learn:
  • Reasons your customer experience might be missing the mark
  • How to achieve a shorter deal cycle and create memorable customer experiences
  • Alignment tactics to get your revenue teams on the same page
  • How to use personalized gifts and strategic direct mail to stand out from the crowd

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