Google holds a staggering 92.47% of the search engine market share, so every business wants to appear in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) as much as possible. Small- to medium-sized businesses need a well-designed strategy if they hope to carve out a niche to compete against larger corporations. Pursuing SEO and PPC will maximize visibility in search results, which can help make that playing field a little more even.

That said, the relationship between paid and organic search is multifaceted. Although many marketers understand that SEO and SEM work better together, there’s a complex interplay between organic and paid search. The little details can have big consequences on your success in SERPs.

This white paper from Semify covers how:
  • The concept of ad cannibalization has been largely debunked.
  • The quality of organic search results can directly impact ad click performance.
  • High-quality organic search results correlate with lower ad click-through rates, but ad conversion rates on those SERPs tend to increase.

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Established in 2008, Semify, LLC (formerly known as HubShout, LLC) is a team of enthusiastic and highly trained digital marketing professionals providing white label SEO and PPC services to hundreds of customers under its white-label reseller program. With their proprietary and API-integrated software platform, U.S.-based services team, and commitment to the highest level of customer service and transparency, Semify has paved the way for agency owners who need high-performing digital marketing services at-scale, guided by the shared value of Growing Together.

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