Making room for Amazon: Marketers to invest more in staff, technology, media

Following the Q2 2018 announcement of spectacular growth in Amazon’s advertising revenues, in late August and early September 2018 we surveyed 681 digital marketers and advertisers to better understand the challenges and opportunities that Amazon advertising products present.

This survey identified key areas of interest for today’s advertisers, covering topics from budgeting and ad management to spending on marketplaces, plans to automate, and more.

The results show that not only has this sleeping giant awoken, but marketing operations plan to invest in staff positions and technology tied to advertising on Amazon, especially in its search wing AMS.

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Table of Contents
  • From the Editor
  • Key findings
  • Amazon now a staple in most digital ad budgets
  • Amazon gains from incremental and paid search budgets
  • Who’s managing Amazon campaigns?
  • Product use, measurement, and challenges
  • AMS far more popular among Amazon advertisers
  • Most advertisers not sure how effective campaigns really are
  • Reporting remains a challenge
  • Selling on Amazon
  • Vendor Central vs. Seller Central
  • Why not sell or advertise on Amazon?
  • Marketplaces also gaining budget
  • Half of Amazon advertisers also spend on Walmart/Jet
  • Conclusion
  • Survey Demographics

Published October 2018