It’s a complex world out there for all marketers, and whatever your industry, product, or market is, you likely balance dozens of marketing activities at the same time. To make it harder, these activities not only directly affect your sales, but also each other, increasing or decreasing their effectiveness. It means you not only have to worry about the direct effects but also the indirect ones, taking the complexity even higher.

Considering all these intricate marketing activities, how can you know which tactics work? Can you predict what will happen? Can you optimize your budget to reflect the best possible outcomes? The answer is yes—with marketing mix modeling. Download this whitepaper to learn:
  • How to measure which activities cause the greatest impact
  • How to determine the relationships between different marketing tactics
  • How to predict what happens if you change your marketing mix

Download The Guide

ScanmarQED provides software and services for marketing analytics and planning, including marketing mix modeling, revenue growth management, brand management, and data integration and visualization. It integrates with a wide range of third-party data sources and helps to identify the drivers behind customer behavior and identify marketing tactics.

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