Download this guide to learn why you should optimize your ad campaigns for attention
In this guide, you will learn:
  • The state of ad verification today
  • What’s missing in ad verification and why evolution is necessary
  • What it means to measure consumer attention, including case studies of how brands shifted measurement strategies to hone in on engagement
  • The value for your brand, agency, or publication and how to take the next step


Moat is a marketing analytics and measurement platform focused on measuring attention, viewability, validity, and brand safety in digital advertising. Working with publishers, brands, agencies and platforms, Moat is able to use data to help advertisers make better decisions.

Oracle Data Cloud offers the leading global Data as a Service (DaaS) solution by bringing together the right data, science and technology to help our customers connect more deeply with their customers. We operate the world’s largest audience data marketplace with more than $3T in consumer transaction data, 5B global IDs and 1.5K+ data partners. And we integrate that data with more than 400 media and adtech partners. For more information and free data consultation, contact The Data Hotline at