Third-party cookies are going away soon, making your consent and preferences strategy more important than ever. Regulations across the world, such as the CPRA and GDPR, also have stipulations around opt-ins, consent, and digital marketing in particular. Along with these regulations, personalization is increasingly important to customers when choosing a brand.

With all of these changes in the industry, how can you make sure that your consent and preferences strategy is building trust with your customer base to share their data, providing a mutual value exchange?

In this whitepaper, OneTrust goes over the prevalent trends and challenges in the industry today, estimate the exact business value of getting this piece of the puzzle right, and take a look at a case study from OneTrust on how we transformed the consent and preferences engine of a Fortune 500 company. Download the whitepaper to learn more.


OneTrust is the #1 fastest-growing company on Inc. 500 and the category-defining enterprise platform to operationalize trust. More than 12,000 customers, including 75% of the Fortune 100, use OneTrust to make trust a competitive differentiator, implementing central agile workflows across privacy, security, data governance, GRC, third-party risk, ethics and compliance, and ESG programs.

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