The pressure is on for digital marketers.

With new platforms emerging, a multitude of metrics to wrestle and an increasingly noisy competitive landscape, some could argue the job has never been more intense – or important.

From Google to Facebook, programmatic to pay-per-click and beyond, you need to make sense of this platform soup. To set the right conversion goals, you have to be sure you are measuring the right things and discovering what your audience cares about.

In this playbook from NinjaCat, you'll learn how to determine which metrics matter most when tracking ROI and the 3 steps you can take to stay on track. 

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NinjaCat is a digital marketing performance management platform built for agencies, media companies, and brands. The NinjaCat platform is powered by the industry’s most transformational data model for multi-channel digital marketing analytics, connecting hundreds of data sources into a single source of truth. Marketers using NinjaCat can build and automate beautiful reports and dashboards at scale. By eliminating manual data wrangling and accelerating time to insight, NinjaCat’s reporting and campaign monitoring solutions empower teams to communicate effectively to prove the value of their marketing programs to all business stakeholders.

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