Proving the value your agency delivers to your clients can be tough. In NinjaCat's Client Reporting Best Practices Guide, you'll learn how to showcase your work in reports that improve the client experience and strengthen your relationship.

What's Inside the Guide?

Learn how to dive into data and discern the proper metrics driving campaign effectiveness. Discover how 'best-in-class' client reporting is about structure and storytelling. Explore key differences between data visualization and presentation styles that you can include in your next report.
  • Data Storytelling vs. Data Deluge - A spreadsheet may be filled with data and information, but that doesn't mean it tells a story. Learn how to make sensible reports your clients will understand.
  • Structure, Structure, Structure - There are essential components to producing a high-quality report. You'll discover the elements that make the most sense for your campaigns.
  • Dashboards vs Client Reports - While many agencies think a dashboard is a fine vehicle for communicating results, our own research shows only 10% of clients with access to a performance dashboard actually log in to use it.

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NinjaCat is a unified marketing analytics platform for aggregating, storing, and visualizing campaign performance data through dashboards and automated reporting. Built for agencies, media companies, and multi-location brands, NinjaCat enables you to connect all your marketing data sources into a single platform to create and automate stunning reports.

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