The Latest U.S. Consumer Attitudes and Trends in Personalization, Privacy, Messaging, Advertising, Brand Loyalty and the Rising Cost of Living

Understanding customers and meeting them where they’re at is everything. For years, we’ve invested in the Consumer Trends Index (CTI) to bring the voice of the customer to life. It is our goal at Marigold to help our customers understand their audience on a deeper level to build more meaningful connections at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

This version of the report digs deep into what U.S. consumers expect from your brand as they look to make decisions with their wallet. The data covers attitudes and trends across email, SMS, mobile behavior, loyalty, privacy, cookies and so much more. The added layer of filtering by age groups shows the sometimes stark differences between generations when it comes to marketing channels and reinforces the need for brands to truly personalize their relationship marketing efforts with their addressable audience. There are plenty of year-on-year trends as well to highlight true trends in consumer behavior. It's a must have resource for any marketer active in the U.S.

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