Scaling your advertising doesn't mean choosing between driving new leads or increasing revenue from existing customers. With the right full funnel strategy, you can have both.

This guide from MNTN reveals how top CTV advertisers achieve 27% more site traffic and nearly 2x higher ROAS by running prospecting and retargeting campaigns simultaneously from the start.

You'll also learn:
  • Why waiting to add retargeting leads to missed growth opportunities
  • How to create turnkey creative variations to optimize ads without completely new creative each time
  • The power of utilizing 3+ creatives for maximizing campaign efficiency
Dive in to learn why you don’t have to pick and choose which part of the funnel you target at a time. Hitting top and bottom funnel goals actually work better, together.


MNTN builds advertising software for brands to drive measurable conversions, revenue, site visits and more through the power of television.

MNTN Performance TV is the world’s first and only Connected TV advertising platform optimized for direct-response marketing goals. It redefines what advertisers can do with television, giving them the power to tie performance directly to their TV campaigns.

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