In the sales funnel, marketers and advertisers often face a two-goal dilemma: either drive new customers to their site, or increase revenue generated from their overall marketing mix.

The former goal makes lower-funnel strategies like retargeting seem less important than an upper-funnel strategy like prospecting. On the other hand, the latter goal—increasing overall revenue—makes retargeting seem most vital. But does one goal really need to take precedence over the other? Survey says: absolutely not.

Dive into MNTN's report to learn why you don’t have to pick and choose which part of the funnel you target at a time. Hitting top and bottom funnel goals actually work better, together.


MNTN is the Hardest Working Software in TV, bringing unrivaled performance and simplicity to Connected TV advertising. Our self-serve technology makes running TV ads as easy as search and social and helps brands drive measurable conversions, revenue, and site visits. MNTN is one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2023 and was named one of the Next Big Things in Tech for its upcoming VIVA creative suite.

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