A deep dive into performance TV advertising and exclusive insights on how to use it as a growth engine.

These days, there are two approaches to advertising on television: branding and performance marketing. Interest in the latter, in particular, is on the rise: where TV used to be an awareness-only play with a high price point that precluded smaller brands from participating, CTV has made the television advertising world vastly more accessible. 66% of MNTN customers are first-time TV advertisers, indicating that this ad market is expanding to a wider variety of brands. The way advertisers use the channel is shifting, as well—in a co-published MNTN survey, 65% of marketers reported that they consider CTV a performance channel.

Read on to learn more about performance television advertising—what it is, how brands are using it, and tips for how to successfully leverage it to drive real results.


MNTN builds advertising software for brands to drive measurable conversions, revenue, site visits and more through the power of television.

MNTN Performance TV is the world’s first and only Connected TV advertising platform optimized for direct-response marketing goals. It redefines what advertisers can do with television, giving them the power to tie performance directly to their TV campaigns.

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