Quick: what’s your favorite ad? Bet whatever just came to mind had nothing to do with B2B. That’s because B2B ads are often stuffy, technical, and— to be honest— kinda boring. But it doesn’t have to be this way. More and more, B2B brands are taking advantage of the sight, sound, and motion on the Connected TV screen—and breaking that bland creative mold in the process. And these ads are becoming the backbone of their performance marketing strategies. The people at MNTN are big believers in engaging and effective B2B ads. So big, in fact, they wrote a whole guide on the subject. Let’s dive in.


MNTN builds advertising software for brands to drive measurable conversions, revenue, site visits and more through the power of television.

MNTN Performance TV is the world’s first and only Connected TV advertising platform optimized for direct-response marketing goals. It redefines what advertisers can do with television, giving them the power to tie performance directly to their TV campaigns.

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