Enterprise Marketing Attribution and Predictive Analytics

New report – First Edition

While attribution -- the practice of assigning weight to every touchpoint in a marketing campaign based upon its contribution to revenues -- is not new, the breadth and scope of available marketing attribution tools today are much greater than we could have imagined just a few years ago.

MarTech's publication of "Enterprise Marketing Attribution and Predictive Analytics" examines the market for marketing attribution and predictive analytics tools and the considerations involved in implementation. The 29-page report looks at the market forces impacting marketing attribution and predictive analytics solutions, describes the vendor landscape, examines the feature sets marketers can expect when evaluating such tools, and advises on how to move your decision-making forward.

This report was prepared by conducting numerous in-depth interviews with leading vendors, industry experts and independent research. Interviews took place in January 2021.

This research report is sponsored by Salesforce Datorama.