More than ever, customers are interacting with their favorite brands in the digital world, whether it's websites, apps, wearables, or something else. Having the right content management system is the key to making sure you're putting your best foot forward on any of these digital channels.

Download this white paper to learn:
  • Which type of content management system is best for your company's specific needs
  • Features that are needed to ensure both authors/editors and developers are satisfied
  • How to create requests for proposal (RFPs) and proofs of concept (POCs) to properly evaluate systems
  • Why your CMS implementation can be just as important as the system itself

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Founded in 1997 with a vision to create the first truly open content management system, today Magnolia is the fastest way to launch digital experiences. Companies who want to move fast and stay flexible choose Magnolia because we blend the power of an enterprise DXP solution with the agility of a headless CMS. We operate globally with offices on five continents and more than 200 Magnolia-certified partners around the world.

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