Site Search 101: The Most Effective Content Marketing Tool (You’re Probably Forgetting)

Your website is packed with compelling content from product descriptions to location pages to blog posts. But often the marketing strategy emphasizes SEO and overlooks the importance of search capabilities within their websites.

Once you understand how people are searching on your site, and the results they achieve, you can begin to improve their website experience. So how do you deliver the right results, faster, and improve conversions and revenues?

This ebook offers insight into:
  • How stellar site search drives conversions and other KPIs
  • How data insights can help create better website experiences
  • Continued best practices for improving content findability and relevance
  • Tools to empower business teams to deliver the right content at the right time
Learn how search can drive successful content conversions when visitors find what they need and become buying customers and advocates of your brand.

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Turn Insights Into Action in the Moment
Personalize search, browse, and discovery for customers and employees by connecting real-time insights from anywhere to apply them everywhere. Lucidwork’s Connected Search offers a unique site search solution making it easy to crawl, index, and deliver highly relevant results out-of-the-box.

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