In today's data-driven world, one thing is clear: Bolstering your first-party data strategy is key to driving results.

A 2023 study found: “Over half of respondents who strongly prioritize the use of first-party data reported exceeding their customer retention expectations.”*

And with third-party cookie deprecation and ever-tighter privacy restrictions, organizations are racing to extract more value from first-party data sources.

But while your first-party data offers a wealth of audience insights, it won’t tell you everything you need to know about your customer. And it isn’t enough to create the individualized level of personalization customers crave. So, with cookies vanishing and data laws getting stricter, how do you get to that next level?

The answer: data collaboration. When you unite your first-party data across your business and connect it with first-party data from trusted partners, you can illuminate hidden insights and see your customers with fresh, clear eyes.

So, calling all brands, publishers, and platforms: If your goal is to create better customer experiences, we’ll give you five ways to get there.

Download 5 Ways to Create Better Customer Experiences with Data Collaboration now to:
  • Learn five specific ways you can drive customer loyalty
  • Get actionable tips and best practices on how to implement data collaboration
  • Understand how data collaboration unlocks new value for brands, publishers, and platforms
*Gartner, 2023

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