It’s no secret that media networks are the biggest revenue opportunity for companies today—and most media networks have room to grow ahead of the competition.

With the potential to become a $1.3 trillion industry, commerce media is creating “a paradigm shift in digital advertising not seen since the rise of programmatic.”*

And the benefits of media networks for businesses are clear: Media networks provide deeper customer insights and understanding; power campaign and product innovation; and create better customer experiences across brands.

Industries beyond retail are quickly realizing the opportunities of media networks, too. Travel and hospitality, entertainment, and service providers are expected to take advantage of the rewards media networks have to offer, creating even more possibilities for advertisers and publishers planning media strategies.

When everyone is trying to win ad budgets, how can emerging media networks compete?

Download 5 Best Practices for Building a Successful Media Network to:
  • Strengthen and evolve your first-party data strategy for higher network value
  • Invest in technology and partnerships that push your network to the forefront of industry innovation
  • Discover new customer trends and opportunities to fuel the growth flywheel
*McKinsey, 2022

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