Companies today have gone digital overnight. Buyers are using the full range of channels to make decisions quickly. Marketers are struggling to keep up.

Today, 70% of B2B buyers say they’re strongly considering switching from preferred customers to competitors. One-third are terminating contracts, dissatisfied with poor digital experiences.

Precision Demand Generation is the omni-channel digital approach that enables marketers to break through silos, connect people, and create the transformational experiences B2B buyers are seeking.

Precision Demand Generation helps marketers:

  • Focus their efforts on ideal customers and accounts right when they’re looking for solutions
  • Optimize budget, time and resources
  • Deliver greater bottom-line value to their organizations

Download Integrate's Precision Demand Generation Guide and get your Revenue Teams on the path to Marketing Nirvana.

Vital to driving mobile advertising success is the ability to leverage audience data across devices, then delivering a consistent experience to potential customers regardless of what device they’re using.

This paper will help you learn how to effectively identify your customers’ various devices, and then create campaigns for the mobile experience.

Download your copy of this informative guide to learn:

  • Understanding the role of mobile ad exchanges
  • How to leverage the popularity of mobile devices
  • 5 mobile advertising best practices, including: audience targeting, mobile creative optimization, and how to choose the right ad format


Driving revenue through precise digital experiences that connect with buyers, starts with the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform – a scalable foundation at the heart of your demand cloud. With this platform, B2B marketing and demand generation teams can ensure they have the right data to power nurture and lead programs to reach the right buyer at the right time and in the right channels.

Customers such as Avalara, Rackspace, Box, and Iron Mountain were able to increase lead acceptance rates, save thousands of wasted media dollars, and significantly cut lead follow-up time, ensuring their sales teams quickly connected with interested buyers.