Meet Gen Z. This new cohort entering the economy brings with them an unprecedented set of demands, and personalization is at the top of the list. They've grown up in a digital world that offers personalized services, recommendations and more — and they won’t settle for brands that provide anything less.

To effectively communicate with this generation, it’s obvious you need to personalize your marketing. But you also need to understand what catches their eye and where they’re spending their time. This ebook covers it all to help you create a personalized marketing strategy your Gen Z audience will love.

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Idomoo pushes the limits of video by harnessing the power of data to create exceptional customer experiences. With Idomoo's Next Generation Video Platform, global leaders such as USAA, Google, Vodafone, Ubisoft and NHS have launched Personalized Video campaigns for millions, driving ROI through 8x conversions, 22x engagement and 35% lower churn.

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