Today every vendor in Martech is trying to sell a SaaS tool with the common promise of offering a single view of the customer. For years, companies have turned to CDPs in an attempt to realize the full value of these coveted customer insights, but CDPs comes with a price— and that price is time: time to value, time to evaluation, time to security, time to implementation, and time to adoption.

With Reverse ETL there is finally a better alternative and you are no longer stuck spinning your wheels as you try to implement a CDP. All of your customer data already exists in your warehouse. Reverse ETL makes it easy to activate that data and send it to your business tools.

Read this whitepaper to learn why major brands are implementing Reverse ETL to:
  • Evaluate Faster
  • Set Up Security Faster
  • Implement Faster
  • Empower Faster Adoption

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Hightouch is the world’s leading Reverse ETL platform, and the fastest and most effective way to turn your data warehouse into a Customer Data Platform. At Hightouch, we help you activate the data in your warehouse and send it to your end destinations. Instead of having to integrate with a new API and build and maintain an entirely new data pipeline, Hightouch automatically handles all of that for you. Hightouch supports more integrations than any other tool available today—all with SQL, no scripts or APIs required. Marketers can even self-serve and create their own audiences within the tools they already know and use. Learn more at

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