Now more than ever, marketers must prove that their influencer investments are paying off. With increased scrutiny and pressure mounting to report return on ad spend (ROAS), cost to acquire a customer (CAC), or return on investment (ROI), conversations around measurement and success metrics can feel daunting.

In your gut, you know influencer marketing works. So how can you best tell that data story to decision-makers? This guide will help you tackle conversion with confidence.

This guide covers:
  • Calculating ROI for influencer marketing
  • Reframing the measurement conversation
  • External factors impacting ROI & measurement
  • How to increase value and return on your influencer campaigns


As the first influencer marketing platform in the world, we’ve been building better ways to work with influencers since 2013. We do two things: 1. Run best-in-class campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world; 2. Combine technology and data as a self-serve platform for brands to run their best influencer marketing campaigns imaginable.

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