As demands for influencer marketing and content creation have increased, so have influencer rates, pay transparency, and partnership expectations. Today, launching a successful gifting campaign in such a competitive and dynamic landscape requires a much more nuanced approach.

Before tying those bows and slapping those shipping labels on, ask yourself these eight questions to ensure you are fully confident in your goals, expectations, and potential risks before launching your next influencer gifting campaign.

This guide includes:
  • 8 questions to ask yourself before you launch
  • An overview of the gifting landscape & history
  • A risk-assessment checklist
  • 4 tips to warm up your cold outreach


As the first influencer marketing platform in the world, we’ve been building better ways to work with influencers since 2013. We do two things: 1. Run best-in-class campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world; 2. Combine technology and data as a self-serve platform for brands to run their best influencer marketing campaigns imaginable.

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