Top 8 Reasons Why Connected TV Should Be Part of Your Performance Marketing Mix

Connected TV (CTV) is a hot topic of discussion this season. And rightly so, given that it offers a unique combination of delivering the impact of traditional TV with the precision of digital advertising to marketers.

But is it all hype? Or something brands and agencies, especially small and medium ones, should seriously consider for their next campaign? Traditional TV is beyond reach for most small and medium brands - is CTV the same?

In this white paper we answer these and many such questions. Starting with the basics of what CTV is, we look at:
  • Why it is growing in popularity
  • What are the top reasons for marketers to consider it as a part of their performance marketing mix this holiday season and beyond
  • What challenges one should be aware of when planning CTV campaigns
Along the way we will also touch upon a real-life example of a CTV campaign.

Download the White Paper

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