B2B expectations are changing. There are plenty of ways to bring B2C strategies to your B2B markets. In this white paper, dotdigital shows you how.

The white paper explores:
  • Strategies you can employ to bring B2C strategies to your B2B buyers with great success
  • Why personalization is so crucial, how to capture data, and the importance of reporting
  • The importance of B2B ecommerce (B2B buyers expect your business to be more self-serve than you think!)
  • What channels you can use to reach your buyers other than email.


dotdigital is a leader in omnichannel marketing automation technology and is the platform of choice for businesses seeking to engage customers across all touchpoints. The platform’s features empower 4,000+ brands across 150 countries to acquire, convert, and retain customers. Users can connect customer data, surface powerful insights, and automate intelligent messages across email, SMS, social, and more.

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