Core Web Vitals are at the top of almost every SEO’s agenda in 2021. But with May’s Page Experience algorithm update edging ever-closer, are you, your SEO team, and your business ready?

Download DeepCrawl's Complete Guide to Core Web Vitals, produced in partnership with Impression, to learn:

  • What the Core Web Vitals are
  • How to measure Core Web Vitals (with recommended workflow)
  • What SEOs can do to improve Core Web Vitals
  • Benchmarking your competitors
  • Analysis and impact assessment of the eCommerce industry
  • Analysis and impact assessment of the publishing industry
  • Useful Core Web Vitals resources


Deepcrawl offers the complete end-to-end technical SEO platform with the tools and integrations you need to grow fearlessly  — detecting technical improvements that will help you drive growth, and protecting your website from harmful code through SEO testing automation. With tools that will help you realize your website’s true potential, and support to help you get there, with Deepcrawl, growing your business online has never been so simple.

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