Comparing your enterprise website’s organic performance to the latest SEO industry benchmarks is the best way to contextualize YTD data and adapt strategies to maximize results.

Ensure your organic strategy is set up for success for the remainder of 2023 and beyond by seeing how your goals stack up against the latest organic traffic and SEO benchmarks by industry and subindustry.

This report is a snapshot of the SEO landscape and organic benchmarks by industry for 2023. It will be interesting to see how generative AI integration (see Google’s SGE) on SERPs impacts organic traffic rates, organic visibility, and top content providers moving forward.

Download Conductor's 2023 SEO Benchmarks report to find out where your site stands. They've compiled and analyzed over 82K searches to determine industry and subindustry organic traffic benchmarks, which top result types appear most often, and of those result types, which domains are owning the conversation.


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Conductor is an organic search & content marketing platform that helps marketers create and optimize content to improve visibility online. Our platform empowers enterprise brands to create compelling content, which leads to increased traffic and higher marketing ROI. In addition to its SaaS platform, Conductor offers a suite of services and support.

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