The way companies evaluate and set salaries is evolving. Get the digital marketing salary trends business leaders and job seekers need as they plan for success.

Unemployment rates may be returning to pre-pandemic levels, but job candidates remain in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing where, when, and how they want to work in digital marketing.

The Great Resignation of 2021 saw 618,000 marketers leave their jobs. That restlessness continued into 2022, with 62% of marketers considering changing jobs and 24% actively looking for a new role.

With 92% of hiring managers saying they still face difficulties finding skilled talent, marketing leaders looking to grow their digital marketing teams in 2023 must be prepared to offer what top candidates are looking for. Explore the 2023 digital marketing salary guide, compensation benchmarks, and hiring trends you need to know to develop a winning recruitment and retention strategy—or attain your career goals.

Download Conductor's 2023 Digital Marketing Salary Guide & Hiring Trends Report for access to:

  • Exclusive salary range benchmark data
  • In-depth hiring trend research
  • Additional recruiting trends and retention strategies
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