An overview of organic traffic trends across industry websites in 2022

Organic is arguably the most crucial form of traffic since it connects the right audience to your site and helps you answer pertinent questions your future customers are asking. Organic is the only channel that produces reliable long-term traffic; in other words, this channel is not finite like paid or social. People are constantly searching, and—as long as your content stays live—it can continue to rank well for years when SEO practices are executed successfully.

Conductor analyzed over 450 domains and categorized them into five industries: finance, healthcare, retail, technology, and travel & hospitality. These industries were then further categorized into 22 subindustries to unlock more granular-level insights.

Download the full report to dive into industry-specific insights such as:
  • Enterprise real estate domains fell within a range as wide as 23% to 65%, on average.
  • Domains related to the medical field (including hospitals and software) tend to receive about 50% of their traffic from organic. 
  • Organic traffic is the top traffic-driving channel for restaurants.

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