A survey of top marketers to understand best practices, pain points, and future plans for success.

In this report, you’ll learn about the state of organic marketing and where it’s headed. Conductor asked hundreds of top marketers all about their organic programs, from headcount to process to technology. Then they analyzed their responses to answer critical questions that will inform organic marketing strategy next year and beyond. 

Specifically, you’ll find:
  • Reflections on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on goal attainment, budget, headcount and productivity
  • Predictions for the future of marketing from the people that do it best
  • Information about the techniques of top marketing teams, from structure to software
  • SEO priorities for 2022 and beyond
For each topic, Conductor provides additional insights based on:
  • The organic maturity level of different organizations and its impact on performance
  • Company size, whether mid-market or enterprise
  • Different marketing roles, ranging from the marketing leaders to digital practitioners across SEO, content, and web teams
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Conductor is an organic search & content marketing platform that helps marketers create and optimize content to improve visibility online. Our platform empowers enterprise brands to create compelling content, which leads to increased traffic and higher marketing ROI. In addition to its SaaS platform, Conductor offers a suite of services and support.

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