For most businesses, finding and engaging with consumers takes place online. It’s a fast-paced market that places a premium on ease of use, relevance and immediacy. To keep up, a robust digital presence is an absolute necessity. In fact, in many ways, your business can no longer survive without one. To grow and meet the demands of a global online audience, digital marketing should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts.

But what is digital marketing, and importantly, how do you implement an agile marketing strategy for your business?

In this ebook, you’ll learn the definition of digital marketing and why it’s important, how to develop a holistic marketing strategy and get a step by step guide to content analysis that will help you effectively target your online audience to generate and convert leads, and ultimately grow your business.

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Conductor is an organic search & content marketing platform that helps marketers create and optimize content to improve visibility online. Our platform empowers enterprise brands to create compelling content, which leads to increased traffic and higher marketing ROI. In addition to its SaaS platform, Conductor offers a suite of services and support.

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