Why SEO Right Now?

SEO has always been of great importance, but has sometimes lacked buy-in and visibility because it’s a long-term investment, and successful execution can be highly complex. It’s sometimes viewed as a hustle, and outsourced to third parties and agencies.

Since the pandemic began last year, there has been a marked shift in attitudes towards SEO, with all eyes on companies’ digital presence as the primary shop-front for customers.

Regardless of whether this is sustained, or if it eventually normalizes, companies have had no choice but to pay more attention to their digital presence, and how users find their site online. Unlike most digital marketing channels, SEO performance can be impacted by anyone in a company whose work touches the website, for better -or often for worse.

SEO practitioners’ goals are twofold: to capitalize on SEO opportunities and to minimize SEO risk. Read this guide to learn more.


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